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Tiger Eye Men’s Bracelet; The Power of The Sun & Earth

Tiger Eye Men’s Bracelet Have you ever heard of the Romans? A Tiger Eye men's bracelet was often used as a charm in battle.  If you haven’t I’m sure you’ve seen Roman Meal bread at the store. It’s got the little picture of the ancient warrior on it, and it tastes delicious.   Still not ringing a bell?  Okay. Think Gladiator. Russell Crowe…  “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!”  Now you know what I’m talking about.  Yea these dudes were pretty cool. The Roman empire at its height encompassed all the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, parts of England, Egypt, the Middle East, and what is known today as today as the Balkans.  So why am I telling you this? You’re probably asking...

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Spiritual Jewelry for Men - Bracelets That Heal The Soul

Spiritual Jewelry for Men Finding spiritual jewelry for men can be a tough task, mainly because of the stigma that's attached to spirituality. Healing can come in many forms, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. Men's healing bracelets are a fashionable way to renew your energy, clear your mind, and realign your chakras.  Men carry a lot of weight and burden in today's society which is a very overlooked problem. Childhood trauma that carries over to adulthood that isn't resolved typically spills over into other areas of life causing additional pain and sorrow. Is there a way for a man to find a peace of mind? In ancient times, certain stones were believed to contain magic and healing properties....

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The African Blue Opal Bracelet: A Source Of Luck And Magic

The African Blue Opal Bracelet The African blue opal bracelet is considered to be a source of luck and healing. The opal stone derives from the Sanskrit word "upala" which translates to "valuable stone". This beautiful gemstone has a rich ancient history of bringing luck and holds the most magic out of the other gemstones. During the Roman Empire, the opal stone was so sought after that it was considered the stone of kings.Roman Caesars would gift their wives the opal stone for goodluck, opals would be placed in amulets in order to bring the wearer good fortune and protection. The ancient Greeks believed the opal revealed prophecy to the people and prevented disease. October is the month that's associated...

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