Our Story

After his trip to Hawaii in Dec 2018, my brother Henry sent me a large package containing items for my daughter Nerina and a bead bracelet for me. I was elated to receive a gift from my brother. No matter what I did or where I went, I wore that beaded bracelet, joyfully and with pride.  After several months the bracelet mysteriously disappeared. I scoured the internet for a suitable replacement and searched every store to no avail.  Feeling incomplete without my bracelet, I decided to make a replacement. Born then was “My Brother’s Bracelet”.     

    Here at My Brother’s Bracelet, we take pride in the creation of each and every item we make and we hope that you will treasure your purchase and wear it as I wore that first bracelet my brother gifted me.

    Whatever adventure you’re after may it complete your look.


    Our Product 

    All items are assembled with care and painstaking dedication to detail using the best available materials in order to ensure your satisfaction. Each beaded bracelet is strung doubling the cord strand (many use a single strand), producing a strong, comfortably fitted bracelet with lasting elasticity. The beads and metals used are put through a stringent quality control process in order to assemble the highest quality product, detailing each stone’s natural luster and characteristics.

    Our dedication to the craft and passion in the creation of our products ensures you will receive an item you would be happy to own.