Onyx, Malachite, and Carnelian Beaded Men's Bracelet – My Brother's Bracelet
best Onyx, Malachite, and Carnelian beaded men's bracelet for sale

My Brother's Bracelet

Onyx, Malachite, & Carnelian

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This piece brings together the strength and stamina of Onyx, the spiritual abundance of Malachite, and the warm and sunny vibes exhibited by Carnelian. 

These stones beautifully compliment each other with a group of 925 silver focal beads (5 in 7 1/2" size and 6 in 8 1/2" size).  

In order to keep the bracelet symmetry it is only offered in sizes 7 1/2" and 8 1/2". Don't worry, each bracelet stretches an additional 1/2" to accommodate variety of wrist sizes. 

Spirituality, Meditation, Happiness, Purity, Balance, Romance