Hematite Stone Silver Beaded Bracelet For Men – My Brother's Bracelet
Hematite silver beaded bracelets for sale in Santa Clarita

My Brother's Bracelet


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The Native Americans believe that the stars in the sky are the campfires of our ancestors. Hematite reminds them of the stars, a force as powerful as sunlight yet soft and subdued. Hematite is a gun metal grey stone. 

A group of 925 Silver focal beads surround this bracelet, 5 (7 1/2" size) or 6 (8 1/2" size). In order to keep the bracelet symmetry it is only offered in sizes 7 1/2" and 8 1/2".

Don't worry, each bracelet stretches an additional 1/2" to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes. 

Optimism, Courage, Stability