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Tiger Eye Men’s Bracelet; The Power of The Sun & Earth

Tiger Eye Men’s Bracelet

Have you ever heard of the Romans? A Tiger Eye men's bracelet was often used as a charm in battle.

 If you haven’t I’m sure you’ve seen Roman Meal bread at the store. It’s got the little picture of the ancient warrior on it, and it tastes delicious. 

 Still not ringing a bell?

 Okay. Think Gladiator. Russell Crowe…


 Now you know what I’m talking about. 

Yea these dudes were pretty cool. The Roman empire at its height encompassed all the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, parts of England, Egypt, the Middle East, and what is known today as today as the Balkans.

 So why am I telling you this? You’re probably asking yourself, “I clicked on this link to read about Tiger Eye, not get a history lesson…”

 Well, I’m giving you both.

 What do these globe trotting ancient men and women have to do with Tiger Eye?

 The Roman Legions (the Roman military) carried and wore Tiger Eye into battle to help aid them during combat and to overcome their enemies!

 So, when you’re wearing your Tiger Eye bracelet just remember...you’re now just as powerful as a Roman Legionary soldier…

 No I’m not giving you the o-k to go out there and start conquering land, but just remember this fantastic mens bracelet can help you harness the same rugged qualities that helped the Romans etch their name in the history books.

 And when you’re deep in battle, it’s important to have your eyes open, and intuition on overdrive. (You want to see the spear thats hurdling at you from 20 feet away)

Which leads me to another reason why Tiger Eye is one of  the best mens bracelets on the market…


Tiger Eye Double Cord Bead Bracelet For Men

Why the Tiger Eye men’s beaded bracelet can help you see your enemies

 We’ve all felt it before…

 You know the feeling.

 Something isn’t right, and your body tells you so.

 A lot of us allow our brain and human-ego to stifle this visceral gut feeling.

 But our bodies have adapted over the millenia to warn us when things could go awry.

We’ve just put more trust into our egos and thought to consider our gut feelings all the time.

 Cue the Tiger Eye.

 The Tiger Eye is a fantastic natural stone that cranks up pineal gland, and 3rd eye chakra!

 It assists in metaphysical seeing. Which brings immense clarity to our intuition.

 Meaning, that gut feeling you get when something just isn’t right….will be heightened. And, you will be far more inclined to act on it. Rather than leaving the decision up to your highly emotional and prideful ego.

I guess this is why they call this spiritual mens bracelet and natural stone the: protective stone.

Now I see why the Roman soldiers carried it with them into battle…

 And why they felt a calm ease while on the verge of certain death.

 It’s almost as if they were able to have a conversation with their god, and be okay with the outcome.

 Okay, maybe not. But the Tiger Eye is a spiritual stone….


Tap in with this spiritual mens beaded bracelet

 Everyone asks either one of two questions in the morning right as they wake up.

 Which question you ask dictates what kind of day you will have.

 One question is harmful…

 The other is empowering.

 These questions are simple, yet so effective.

 So, what are they?

 I’ll tell you in a minute. 

 But first, let me tell you how the Tiger Eye men’s bracelet helped me to start asking the right question. 

 The Tiger Eye is known for expanding horizons, and opening up new and exciting opportunities.

 Early in my days as an entrepreneur, the road was tough. Millions of tasks at hand, things to do, and a million reasons to be stressed out. 

 Before I founded My Brothers Bracelet, I looked through a lot of mens bracelet brands. One day I was searching for something to relieve my stress and anxiety, and came across the Tiger Eye natural stone bracelet. 

 I decided to give it a shot.

 I started wearing the bracelet while I slept, in hopes of achieving a relaxing night's sleep.

 As the days wore on, I noticed that I was starting to wake up feeling more rejuvenated. On top of that, I started feeling a sense of urgency and clarity with my entrepreneurial work. I was waking up feeling alive, confident, and full of life. In comparison with the groggy, overwhelmed, and anxious feelings I was waking up to before.

 I hadn’t changed any of my sleep habits. The only difference with my sleep routine was this spiritual mens bracelet I was wearing around my wrist at night.

 I decided to do a little deep dive into the characteristics of this natural stone, and what I found was right on point.

 The Tiger Eye is an ancient stone that has been used in men's jewelry for millenia. It’s properties and energies facilitate the production of calm-inducing spirits.

It’s not uncommon for wearers of this natural stone to experience feelings of calm optimism, relaxed energy, vivacity, wakefulness, opportunity, and positivity. The Tiger Eye is known for creating an abundance of opportunity for the wearer, and being an entrepreneur….this is exactly what I needed.

The longer I wore the natural stone bracelet to sleep, the better my mornings were becoming. In a nutshell, I started asking the right questions in the morning.

 So, what are these 2 questions?

 The question I used to ask was, “Why do I have to wake up now?”

 The question I now ask is, “Why couldn’t I have woken up earlier?”

 The exact wording of your question may differ…

 But, the idea that the two questions encapsulate are this:

 Do I feel energized, positive, and full of passion to wake up and accomplish my goals?


 Do I feel so beaten down, so lazy, stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed that the last thing I want to do is get out of this warm bed?

 If you want to feel like the former, the Tiger Eye men’s bracelet may be right for you.

 And as a man, laying in bed all day won’t get you the honeys.

 Which brings me to another benefit of Tiger Eye men’s bracelet…


Best men’s bracelet for strengthening relationships


Did you know the Tiger Eye natural stone is the planetary stone for Gemini?

 What about its ability to bring happiness and appreciation to your relationships?

 The Tiger Eye is a member of the quartz group of chalcedonies, and this specific group of quartz is known for its “cat like” appearance. Hence, the name Tiger Eye.

 This special group of quartz helps bring clarity to the wearer, and aids in spiritual well being. Of which, both play a big role in building and maintaining relationships.

 The calm inducing properties of Tiger Eye also allow the wearer to feel more optimistic, and joyous. Rather than pessimistic, and angry. Qualities that we all know go a long way in keeping an exciting and happy relationship. 

 Happy wife happy life right? (cliche cringe)

 And for those of you not currently in a relationship, this natural stone bracelet has your back too.

 Positive energy, and relief from stress are probably the two biggest factors in creating an aura of confidence. When you got nothin’ to sweat, nobody can touch you. And when you feel like this, the confidence pours out of you. The most unattractive thing in the world is a shifty guy.

A nervous wreck who looks like he’s got a thousand things on his mind. No woman likes that.

 So how do you eliminate these issues?

 By achieving a healthy dose of self confidence. And we all know what makes the most confident men in the world…

 Calm, collected, NOT stressed, NOT anxious, and being sure of your actions.

 The Tiger Eye natural stone contains the properties that do just this.

 Soothing calmness that boosts confidence, and the ability to overcome negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. 

 Which is why, as far as guys bracelets go, the Tiger Eye is the perfect match.

 So, is this natural stone the right choice for you?

 If you’re sick and tired of not feeling alive, then Tiger Eye may be right for you.

 If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on your plate, my favorite natural stone men’s bracelet might be the perfect selection.

 If you simply want to feel rejuvenated and add some pep to your step, I highly recommended the Tiger Eye men’s bracelet.

 I guess the only question now is…

 What color?

 And I forgot about the best part…

Currently, My Brothers Bracelet has 4 variations of the Tiger Eye natural stone for $67.

 Which is a great deal for a blue Tiger Eye, or red Tiger Eye bracelet…

 But right now I’ve got all 4 variations for sale at $50 or below.

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