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The African Blue Opal Bracelet: A Source Of Luck And Magic

The African Blue Opal Bracelet

African blue opal bead bracelet

The African blue opal bracelet is considered to be a source of luck and healing. The opal stone derives from the Sanskrit word "upala" which translates to "valuable stone".

This beautiful gemstone has a rich ancient history of bringing luck and holds the most magic out of the other gemstones. During the Roman Empire, the opal stone was so sought after that it was considered the stone of kings.

Roman Caesars would gift their wives the opal stone for goodluck, opals would be placed in amulets in order to bring the wearer good fortune and protection. The ancient Greeks believed the opal revealed prophecy to the people and prevented disease.

October is the month that's associated with the opal and can be the alternative stone to those born in April. The blue opal is your best bet for getting your wishes granted and can enable the owner to seeing beyond the physical realm. 

African Blue Opal Healing Properties

african blue opal bracelets for men

Although this belief is outdated, the African blue opal healing properties range from intensifying emotions and the encouragement of freedom and creativity. The opal unlocks the cosmic consciousness while creating psychic and mystical manifestations of your subconscious.

Owning the opal can awaken your sacral chakra, which assists with restoring balance to your system and aids with addictions. The opal gemstone also assists the body of releasing anger and enhances your self-worth, confidence and self-esteem.

Opals tend to bring out your traits whether they be good or bad. They also can help guide you and assist you in becoming your best self. For those who believe in good karma, the opal is the perfect stone for you.

Sending positive vibes into the universe is recommended while using an African Blue Opal bracelet. Focus your energy and desire on prosperity and abundance to amplify those feelings in order to manifest those blessings into the real world.